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      Kitchenware Appliances Products   >  Toasters Electric Ovens > 160L toasters ovens TB005

      160L toasters ovens TB005

      Place of Origin : China
      Manufacturer : Bossun Kitchenware Appliances
      Detailed of 160L toasters ovens TB005 description :

      * 16 Litre capacity
      * 220v-240v 50/60Hz  1280w
      * 100??~250?? temperature control:
      * 4-stage heating selector: off, top heating, bottom
         heating,both top&bottom heating
         6 stages for optional convection / rotisserie
      * 60Min timer with automatic shut-off and bell ring

      * Housing: white/black powder coating steel
      * Inside chamber :Aluminized
      * Heating tube:Stainless steel
      * Glass door:Heat-resistant tempered glass
      * Accessories: Enamel bake pan,chromed wire rack
         and pan/rack handle
      * Chromed rotisserie and rotisserie handle for optional

      Colorbox size: 
      435*345*320 mm
      Product size:
      Inside chamber size:
      N.W: 4.0KGS
      G.W: 4.8KGS
      Loading Quantity:
      20'GP: 660 PCS
      40'GP: 1340 PCS
      40'HQ: 1450 PCS

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